“Oumou’s therapist matching service is a literal life saver. Before reaching out, I’d spent months looking for a therapist and was no closer to finding one. I’d looked through dozens of psychology today profiles, reached out to a few therapists but the only question I knew to ask was “how much do you charge?”
Oumou’s service really broke down all the different terminology to help me better understand what I was actually looking for and needed in a therapist. After a few days Oumou gave me a list of therapists to contact, and with the questionnaire they provided, I actually felt confident when it came time for phone consultations.
Luckily for me, the first therapist on Oumou’s list ended up being the perfect match for me. The questionnaire made it so much easier to have a genuine convo, and easily figure out if our styles/personalities would work together. Needless to say the service was successful, I have been seeing my therapist for two years now and I have had absolutely zero complaints!"