Radical Mental Health First Aide

join a movement that is radically reimagining how care is accessed and co-created.
radical mental health is about community. radical mental health is about people of the global majority. radical mental health is about liberation. this is for the people and businesses that want to give, receive and co-create care. parts of you know its possible, allow Joko Wellness support you with the how.
imagine this: you're at work, the park or on public transportation and someone has just started crying loudly. a part of you wants to do something but you don't know what or where to start. a part of you wants to say something but you're worried about saying the wrong thing. you also talk yourself out of doing anything because you tell yourself things like "they should take that to therapy", "you might say the wrong thing" and "they're probably fine". 
as the mental health crisis persists and people continue to try and survive racial capitalism, licensed therapist and observer-disruptor oumou has seen therapy continue to be out of reach for many people – especially those that are multiply marginalized. Radical Mental Health First Aide (RMHFA) is a framework and tool to support you as you make attempts to decenter the medical model from the way you access care, support, love or whatever words you and your community prefer. 
Radical Mental Health First Aide was created in October 2022 by oumou and has been facilitated to over 500+ people. join oumou and the Joko Wellness team for this offering. these will offer you some context on the impact of oppression and social injustice on the body-mind and teach you de-escalation and consent skills. we will go over the RMHFA Action Plan and safety planning. during the workshop participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, practice skills and apply their knowledge. 

RMHFA was MORE than a HIT! we are framing everything we do from the ACTION framework/plan, as we prepare for our Resident Assistant Training and the start of the academic year. we are immensely appreciative of all your work, energy, and knowledge sharing. 

I found the class so rich and full of different ideas...I was very struck by the focus on building TRUE consent and respectful care that honors a person's autonomy and humanity. the class itself was so deeply focused on inclusion and accessibility as well.

so first of all, just the way the training is structured and expectations are set up around taking care of yourself while participating such as identifying and sharing access needs really changes how I have previously viewed trainings and workshops. not infantilizing but empowering. in general challenging everything I learned in school when approaching mental health first aid.

loved every juicy moment of today's session - I think RMHFA brings together tangible practical frameworks in such a concise and beautiful and accessible way - bravo!

we have been trained on mental health first aid and suicide intervention from a western/colonial/medical model and this training meets my WHOLISTIC lens and framework much more accurately. 

below you'll find businesses and collectives that have chosen to bring RMHFA into their world

will you be joining them?