N. Oumou Sylla, LMFT, M.A.

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oumou is a Senegalese-Guinean, multi-hyphenate polycreative - therapist, coach, disruptor, zinester, writer, speaker, consultant and facilitator of spaces for radical learning. oumou is a two-time graduate of Syracuse University and former adjunct professor of the same school. she is the creator of RMHFA, a workshop that is slowly but surely changing the care and mental health landscape. 

oumou’s lived and professional experiences are gifts that allow her to support people and businesses in intuitive and radical ways. their work aims to disrupt systems of disconnection, the laziness lie, the productivity death escalator and “the transactional ways in which relationships exist under capitalism” (word 2 niki franco). 

in her work, she incorporates different modes of learning, facilitation, processing and healing based on your needs, context, and background. they are mindful and aware that we are impacted by Anti-Blackness, Ableism, Gender Based Oppression, Capitalism, state sanctioned violence, and other forms of systemic injustice in every aspect of our lives including our businesses and thinks of pleasure, play, rest and care as vessels for resistance. 

some identities + realities that inform her lived experience: Black, immigrant from Senegal, naturalized citizen of the US, Queer, Muslim, almost 30, thin, neurodivergent, abolition influenced, gender bender, $185k in student loans and class clown of the NBHS class of 2013.

image description: oumou sylla, a Black person with dark skin, shaved blonde hair, white rimmed circular glasses and natural makeup is seated in a wooden chair on a stage. they are holding a mic and staring into the distance with a closed-lipped smile. they are wearing a black outfit with silver jewelry in their ears and on their fingers. they are also wearing black faux cow hide cowboy boots and have a wooden purse with a metal chain hanging off of their chair. 


I help stressed and burned out people and employers build embodied and care-centered wellness practices for nourishing and liberated lives.


Offered via workshops and trainings. Workshop topics include but are not limited to: radical mental health first aide, rest + burnout, grief, trauma-informed practices, mental health industrial complex, and navigating identity in the workplace. Individual and group consulting available.

I also consult for Books + TV + Film as a Mental Health Media Consultant.

(Radical) Clinical Support Sessions

Through (radical) clinical support sessions, we can work towards co-creating a space that helps you meet your goals + needs and help you grow in your therapy career with your values at the center. 

Here's some feedback from folks I've co-created space with.


Anything that involves me speaking (and/or telling stories). Think podcasts, panels, keynotes, workshops, IG lives and more. Interests include but are not limited to: pleasure, rest, play, trauma, sex/kink, anti-racism, the process of searching for + being in therapy, gender + sexuality, and mental health. Open to topics not listed. Also open to other modes of using my voice (think voice acting and being talent for film/tv).

companies and collectives that have invited me into their world via my offerings:

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I would like to acknowledge and pay my deepest respects to the land that I am privileged to work, care and live on, as well as Elders and community who are of this land. I also pay my deepest respects and gratitude to my traditional Country, Elders and community. I thank all of our Ancestors collectively for the privilege of bringing us together in this timeline. 

adapted from Stacey Vervoort, Gamilaroi psychologist