N. Oumou Sylla, LMFT , M.A.

Oumou Sylla is a coach, wellness doula and soon-to-be former NY licensed Marriage and Family therapist (License No: 001786). She specializes working with LGBTQ Black, Indigenous and other people of color navigating traumas, relational stress/anxiety, life transitions, burnout, depression and more.

Oumou does so in a way that is mindful of the ways that we are impacted by Anti-Blackness, gender based oppression, ableism, capitalism, state sanctioned violence and other forms of systemic injustice. For this reason, and reasons connected to their identity as a Black, immigrant, queer gender bender her approach to her work is anti-racist and anti-oppressive.

In addition to their work as a therapist, Oumou does work as a speaker (podcasts, panels, workshops), creates content, owns a indie bookstore with her best friend, and serves as a consultant on all things mental health, rest, gender, sexuality and anti-racism.


I help stressed and burned out people and employers build embodied wellness practices for nourishing and liberated lives.


Offered via workshops and trainings. Workshop topics include but are not limited to: anti-racism, rest + burnout, mental health, sex + gender, trauma-informed practices, non-profit + mental health industrial complexes, and navigating identity in the workplace. Individual and group consulting available.

I also consult for Books + TV + Film as a Mental Health Media Consultant.

(Radical) Clinical Support Sessions

Through (radical) clinical support sessions, we can work towards co-creating a space that helps you meet your goals + needs and help you grow in your therapy career with your values at the center. 


Anything that involves me speaking (and/or telling stories). Think podcasts, panels, workshops, IG lives and more. Interests include but are not limited to: pleasure, rest, play, trauma, sex/kink, anti-racism, the process of searching for + being in therapy, gender + sexuality, and mental health. Open to topics not listed. Also open to other modes of using my voice (think voice acting and being talent for film/tv).

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