Radical Mental Health First Aide Care Camp

Step into the care-verse....

“It’s about time!”

Big news! The CARE CAMP waitlist is now open. This is hands-down the best thing I’ve ever dreamed up and I have a spot for you. 

CARE CAMP isn't your typical camp. It's actually a multiple weeks long experiential course. CAMP is gonna be soooo fucking fun so calling it a course or workshop series didn't feel right. You get it, right??? 

During CARE CAMP you'll get to learn and practice (some of) the care skills needed to stop relying on mandated reporters, therapists and cops. You'll get to learn and practice these skills in a silly, playful, consent-centered and trauma-informed space with RMHFA creator Oumou and a couple of *incredible* other Camp Counselors. 

Level Up Your Care Strategy and Make Care a Habit in less than 90 Days.

Sign up for the waitlist now. there's a 15% discount waiting for you. 

Camp starts in 2025. Care to join us?