The Connection Lab

A 4-week (summer) group coaching program designed to help therapists, therapists-in-training, and healers/givers begin to adjust their relationship to boundaries, burnout and consent with clarity.

Over the course of your life you may have heard messages like:
"you don't get to take up space in this way"
"this is how things have always been... just accept it"
"this kind of relationship does not need boundaries"
from loved ones (and not so loved ones) and they were WRONG and ill-advised.

Parts of you may find this shortened version of the program valuable if you:
  • feel burned out
  • are not in touch with your needs, wants and/or desires
  • have a complicated relationship with people pleasing, conflict avoidance, or feeling responsible for others’ feelings (including clients)
  • grew up in a context or have been in relationships where boundaries weren’t acknowledged
  • have learned that consent was about no means no

In this program we’ll work together on learning, building and practicing wellness habits to help you to live more values aligned and nourishing lives. You will leave with a better sense of your burnout story and an idea about what part(s) of you contributed to your present context.

Qualification Criteria

This program is for therapists, healers, and other wellness practitioners (including peer support) who:
  • are in graduate school, training programs or certificate programs focused on healing, wellness or mental health
  • are licensed and working in ways that do not serve their varying needs
  • want to disrupt what they believe they know about healing and wellness
  • want to engage in more self-preservation
  • value personal accountability, seek feedback and are willing to explore what fits best for this season of their life
This program is not for therapists, healers, and other wellness practitioners (including peer support) who:
  • are hoping for this to be a "quick fix"
  • do not want to show up and make attempts at being vulnerable
  • want a cookie-cutter solution
  • are looking for savior type energy from coaches or peers
  • dislike self-reflection

By the end of the program:
  • you’ll learn vocab, structures and frameworks that will help you express yourself and your contexts more clearly
  • you’ll make practical adjustments to change your relationship to burnout
  • you’ll learn what parts of you get activated and may need support during boundary/consent focused conversations
  • you’ll learn some body based techniques and other practice exercises to support your nervous system and the nervous systems of others
  • you’ll build a toolbox to help support you in navigating your day to day

The Connection Lab combines education, discussion, coaching and community support to connect you with the tools you need to adjust your relationship with boundaries, burnout and consent.

In the program you can expect:
  • weekly group coaching sessions involving education, discussion + Q&A
  • weekly homework invitations
  • weekly boundary-setting practice (role-play, workshopping, real world practice)
  • virtual community

What’s included? one hour 1:1 session, 4-7 videos of recorded class content, (4) weekly hour and a half coaching calls, education materials + resources, access to oumou + peers in between sessions

You will leave the program with a different and more compassionate relationship with your part(s) and core Self...being the kind of person that learns by doing, via self-inquiry and in community will get you the results you're looking for.

Are you ready and willing?
burnout definitionformula for a nourishing life
Topics Covered

1: Burnout story + core values + needs exploration + parts identification

2: Burnout 101

3: The Wheel of Consent + Consent Puzzle + Consent Spectrum + Yes-to-No Spectrum

4: The Seeds of Self-preservation: grief, pleasure and rest (includes play)

Logistics/The Nitty Gritty Details:

Sundays, June 12, 2022 - July 3, 2022

The Lab will be held online, on ZOOM

11am-12:30pm PST, 2:00pm-3:30pm EST

full price $500, sliding scale available

If it honors your experience to pay a decreased rate, a discount code option is available to those who:

-are justice involved or have been incarcerated

-are sex workers

-experience chronic housing instability

-have excessive medical costs/debt

-have excessive student loans

-have ancestors who’ve experienced slavery

-have ancestors who’ve experienced, or have themselves experienced land theft

-have experienced environmental racism

please note: there is a 3/6 month long version of The Connection Lab launching later on this year