The Connection Lab

A 7-week boundaries, burnout and consent group coaching program.
Parts of you may find this program valuable if you:
  • feel burned out 
  • feel disconnected from your body’s yes and no
  • are not in touch with your needs, wants and/or desires
  • are unsure about how to navigate/adjust your relationship with labor
  • feel regret/shame/walked over following interactions with others
  • have a complicated relationship with people pleasing, conflict avoidance, or feeling responsible for others’ feelings
  • have said things like “there’s no point in saying anything”
  • grew up in a context or have been in relationships where boundaries weren’t acknowledged
  • have learned that consent was about no means no
In this program we’ll work together on learning, building and practicing wellness habits to help you to live more values aligned and nourishing lives.
By the end of the program: 
  • you’ll learn to feel your capacity and practice not going beyond it 
  • you’ll learn vocab, structures and frameworks that will help you express yourself and your contexts more clearly
  • you’ll make practical adjustments to change your relationship to burnout 
  • you’ll learn what parts of you get activated and may need support during boundary/consent focused conversations
  • you’ll practice saying no
  • you’ll have frameworks to reference when discussing boundaries, burnout or consent 
  • you’ll learn to feel your boundaries and communicate them 
  • you’ll get more in touch with your needs, wants, desires and values 
  • you'll be able to identify the role that systems of oppression have on your relationship to consent, boundaries and burnout
  • you’ll learn about the nonverbal cues of yours and someone else’s emotional state
  • you’ll learn body based techniques and other practice exercises to support your nervous system and the nervous systems of others
  • you’ll learn to cultivate moment to moment awareness, listen deeply to your body and to yourself, and take values aligned, concrete action towards what you need and desire
  • you’ll build a toolbox to help support you in navigating your day to day

The Connection Lab combines education, discussion, real life practice and community support to connect you with the tools you need to adjust your relationship with boundaries, burnout and consent.

In the program you can expect:
  • weekly group coaching session involving education, role play/case study, discussion + Q&A
  • weekly homework prompts 
  • weekly boundary-setting practice (role-play, workshopping, real world practice)
  • virtual community

What’s included? one hour 1:1 session, 14 two hour group sessions, weekly education materials + resources, access to oumou in between sessions via Slack or Discord
expectation vs. reality burnout definitionformula for a nourishing life
Weekly Topics

week 1: my story + the influence of past and present unmet needs, childhood boundary wounds + core values exploration  

week 2: Your Body + Non-Verbals + the Nervous System

week 3: Burnout 101 + Yes to No Spectrum + Polyvagal Theory

week 4: Build-a-boundary 

week 5: Burnout 102 + The Wheel of Consent 

week 6: What to do when things go wrong/don’t go as planned/you’re met with resistance

week 7: The Seeds of Self-preservation: grief, pleasure and rest (includes play)

Logistics/The Nitty Gritty Details:

February 17, 2022 - April 7, 2022

Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30-8:30pm EST

full price $850, sliding scale available

If it honors your experience to pay a decreased rate, a discount code option is available to those who:

-are justice involved or have been incarcerated

-are sex workers

-experience chronic housing instability 

-have excessive medical costs/debt

-have excessive student loans

-have ancestors who’ve experienced slavery

-have ancestors who’ve experienced, or have themselves experienced land theft

-have experienced environmental racism 

-have a reason/experience not listed that they’d like considered