Accountability + Feedback 

For me, a part of doing the work involves creating systems that give people the opportunity to let you know ya messed up or that you've harmed them. As I continue to engage with people in community and in communication, I am asking for support in holding myself (and others if asked) accountable. Please feel free to include in the message if you have any thoughts/reflections/concerns/ about anything that I have said, written or been featured in. If there are any resources that you think will improve/add to any aspect of what I do or how I navigate the world please feel free to share. May we continue to learn with and for each other. 

*though an email address is required to submit the form, if you do not want me to contact you back about any feedback provided please let me know. it is absolutely your right and consent + boundaries during this process is super important*

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Shoutout to Mia Schachter | The Consent Wizard for featuring a page about accountability on their website and inspiring me to do similar.